You're still buying workers' compensation!

Why? Become a non-subscriber today!

  • Huge Savings - typically 40% to 50% over work comp.
  • Preferred rates for Auto Dealerships
  • 100% Control over claims.
  • Free Binding Arbitration - for employee/employer disputes!
  • It's a simple, easy, cost effective and legal option for Texas employers!2006 estimates reflect 37% of employers opting out.

We have used Bob Springer’s (Sunbelt Insurance) expertise in non-subscriber insurance for years. His vast knowledge of the insurance market, in addition to the tens of thousands of dollars we saved, made the decision obvious to be a non-subscriber.

Ric Middelkauff -
Middelkauff Ford.

Sunbelt Insurance Partners, Inc. is able to provide limits up to $10,000,000 per occurrence and $25,000,000 aggregate.